Strength Tester Malaysia

Victor provides Strength Tester in Malaysia, used for testing the ball-bursting strength and expansion rate of cotton fabrics and so on.

VIT 003 - Fabric Ball-bursting Strength Tester

Strength Tester Malaysia

Ball-bursting Strength Tester, used for testing the ball-bursting strength and expansion rate of cotton fabrics, elastic fabrics, sock and glove products.

ISO 9073-5,ASTM D3787, ASTM D6796, FZ/T01030, GB/T19976, FZ/T 6001

220 V 50/60 Hz

100 Kg

680 x 580 x 1640 mm (L x W x H)

What is the Burst or Bulge of a Fabric?

In the process of bursting, the force on the fabric is multi-directional, but the strength and deformation of the woven fabric and knitted fabric are anisotropic. Under the action of the force, the fabric is elongated in all directions. The composite force first breaks the yarn at the point where the deformation is the biggest and the strength is the weakest, and then tears along the meridional or the weft direction, thus causing the fabric to break.

Common Testing Methods for Fabric Burst

The common testing methods of fabric burst are the hydraulic method, the air pressure method, and the steel ball method.

Hydraulic testing principle: Holding a sample of a certain area on an extensible diaphragm and applying liquid pressure under the diaphragm. Increase the hydraulic pressure at a constant speed to expand the diaphragm and the specimen until the specimen ruptures.

The gas pressure method principle: Clamp the specimen on the extensible diaphragm and apply the gas pressure under the diaphragm to make the diaphragm and the specimen expand until the specimen is ruptured and measure out the dilatation strength and dilatation degree.

The testing principle of steel ball method: Clamp the specimen in the ring specimen with a fixed base, the spherical top rod is vertically jacked to the specimen at a constant speed, the specimen is deformed until fracture, and the breaking strength is measured. Ball-bursting Strength Tester is such an instrument.

Test Method for Steel Ball-bursting Strength Method

1 Start-up preheating, select burst function, set the edge distance and position shift.

2 Clamp the specimen in the ring, and start the instrument to test. After the specimen is completely pierced, the instrument screen displays the data.

3 Repeat the above steps, measure 5 samples and take the average value.


1 According to the actual situation of fabric used, the test results will be more accurate by adopting the corresponding test methods, test standards and instruments.

2 Because of different raw materials, different fabric, its strength is different. You should estimate the fabric strength before the test, and then select the correct range to reduce the test deviation.

3 The instrument needs to be overhauled, maintained and corrected regularly. Calibrate the instrument before each test, so that the test results will be accurate.

  • CRE principle, Micro-computer controls quality motor and screws
  • LCD displays displacement, force, speed, and other information
  • Test range 2500N
  • Speed range 5 – 500mm/min adjustable
  • Bursting balls SΦ20mm (or SΦ25mm, SΦ38mm)
  • 1 set of Ball-bursting Strength Test rig is included.