Over more than 20 years, OBSNAP GROUP has served the local and oversea scientific & technical sector, since 1997.

This includes our wide variety of Metrology, Material Testing, Analysis & Detection Instruments and Equipment.

Since 1997, Obsnap Group of Companies:

  • Has been a stable Business partners with OEMs
    from various industries.
  • Has a Commitment to Quality Testing & Measuring Systems that provides Fast Measurement and Accurate Results.
  • Goes beyond by providing consultation and interpretation of QC / QA problems first, so that we can provide the solution to satisfy our clients’ specific needs.

Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd first began asDistributor of Quality Testing & Measuring Instruments for industries like PaintCoatingAutomotiveAerospaceCivil EngineeringElectronicsPetroleumPlasticsPharmaceutical Food.

Many years later, other sister companies were formed to serve other industries with larger and sophisticated equipment.

Meridian Instruments is a brand under Obsnap Instruments and it specialises on Biomedical, Scientific Apparatus and Accelerated Weathering & Environmental Test Simulation Equipment. With a wide range of Stimulated Test Chambers like Temperature & Humidity ChambersOzone Test ChambersSalt Spray MachineUV ChamberXenon Test ChamberVibration Test Simulator, etc.

Obsnap Calibration Sdn Bhd, focuses on offering Calibration Services for Various Measuring & Testing Equipment. While accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 and ILAC traceability for clients locally and internationally.

Our Scope of Capabilities falls under the field of Acoustic, Luminous Intensity, Hardness, Velocity, Force, Time & Frequency, Volumetric, Dimension, Mass, Pressure Measuring Device, Heat & Temperature, etc. (e.g. Gas Detector, Gas Analyzer, Moisture Meter, Gloss Meter).

Obsnap Calibration will also have Calibration Seminars / Workshop / Talk, once in a while or requested.

Victor Equipments Resources Sdn Bhd specialise in Material Testing the Properties of Raw Materials & Finished Goods for the plasticrubberpaperpackagingaerospacematerial fabricationconstructionautomotivemetal, etc. with our list of material testing and sample preparation products.

VICTOR later established their own production site for Universal Testing Machines (UTM) with Victor Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

Victor is also able to provide UpgradeCalibrationMachine & Grips Customisation and Material Testing Services for Universal Testing Machines (UTM).

Elevating Global Standards in Quality

Discover Victor Manufacturing, a renowned brand that has earned international acclaim for its exceptional products. Trusted by industry giants worldwide, Victor Manufacturing is the go-to choice for leading names across the globe. Our commitment to uncompromising quality and innovation has made us a sought-after partner on the international stage. Join the ranks of global leaders who rely on Victor Manufacturing to elevate their standards and take their businesses to new heights. Experience excellence, choose Victor Manufacturing.
We are currently expanding our global reach and actively seeking new international distributors to join us in this exciting journey.

About Hiep Phat Equipment

Hiep Phat Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2007, specializes in providing all kinds of laboratory equipment, basic equipment, measurement, microbiology, analysis and standard equipment from reputable brands in the world. World.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to be one of the leading distributors of tools and equipment, committed to importing genuine, reputable products, and attractive after-sales services.

Vision & Mission: Hiep Phat always strives to be a professional company, providing measuring and testing equipment and related technical services. Meet the development requirements of organizations and businesses.

History of MESCO

In 1956, a young entrepreneur named Peter N. Lee had a vision of an industrialized nation. The Second World War was over and the country had only begun to rebuild. Together with his wife, Mercy, they founded the Manufacturers’ Equipment and Supply Co. (MESCO) out of a small apartment in Manila. 

True to Peter’s pioneering spirit, MESCO was the first to introduce several significant technologies into the Philippines. The staff also increased in size and the company moved offices as business grew more successful. 

Sadly, Peter would not be able to witness his company reach its 50th golden anniversary as he passes away peacefully on August 30, 2004. Despite this loss, MESCO continues on, helmed by Peter’s son, Allen. Under his leadership, MESCO has become the leader in the Metalworking Industry and Machine Tool Technology in the Philippines. 

It is part of MESCO’s mission to continuously invest in resources to promote their suppliers’ products. In October 2006, MESCO completed construction of the new Technology Center. This exhibition and training space covers over 1000 square meters and accommodates more than 30 machine tools and equipment. It will be used to showcase suppliers’ products and demonstrate the latest technologies.

With over 200 employees working in the company, it was time to move to a larger office. On October 28, 2014, MESCO purchased a 2.4 hectare property from Kito Philippines, with the intention of transferring its operations within three years.