VIP 128T – Incline plane coefficient of friction tester

Product Application

Incline plane coefficient of friction tester measures the static coefficient of friction of various materials using a variable inclined plane and a sliding block. It measures the static COF of plastic films, sheets, rubber, paper, board, woven , fabrics, wood, coatings, brake pads, etc.


ASTM D202, ASTM D4918, TAPPI T815


The static COF is measured by the angle at which one test surface begins to slide against another inclined surface as the incline is increased at a constant and preset rate. The test result is numerically equivalent to the tangent of that angle.

Product Features

  • PLC control and HMI touch screen operated
  • Real time display of max, min, average and SD of test result
  • In accordance with multiple international standards
  • Both angel and static COF (tangent value) can be measured
  • Microprint of easy printing of test result
  • RS232 and profession software ( optional)