The brand journey began way back in 2010, Our founder, Shone and Samson decide to build a partnership that will give birth to this brand. Shone, having extensive experience in the industry since 1997, believe that they can serve the market better with a high quality material testing equipment.

 Through many challenges, VICTOR, the brand gain reputation and recognition little by little. Once, they had HONDA, a big MNC company whom would rent VICTOR’s universal testing machine for their quality control process. By comparing the results to their Japanese headquarters’, Shone and Samson were somewhat proud and happy to found out that the results are similar with high end brand. Thus, motivate them more to focus on producing high quality equipment with affordable price.

With the increasing demand from surrounding oversea countries, Samson and Shone believe that they could serve the demand. Thus, for the last 2 years, the brand started their own manufacturing plant to meet the demand. VICTOR always emphasize on quality as the brand vision to be globally well-known & recognised in the scientific & technical world as the leading and dependable professional.

Up to this day, VICTOR have supplied to Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Middle-east countries and also Africa. We are happy that our dream to serve the industries are one step closer. 

Thus, it is VICTOR duty to help our clients to engineer quality a certainty, and help the industries to create less waste so as to make mother earth a better place for our communities and generations to come.