What is Victor Manufacturing and what do you do?

Victor Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a sister company to Victor Equipment Sdn Bhd.

Victor Manufacturing focuses on the production on testing machines within Malaysia.

Both companies are dedicated to serve the Technical & Scientific Industries that require our services and products on Material Testing Equipment for Research & Development, Quality Check and Quality Assurance purposes.

Victor Manufacturing is a part of Obsnap Group of Companies. Which has over 20 years of accumulated experience in the field of Metrology, Material Testing, Sample Preparation, Elemental / Colour / Material Analysis, Inspection and so on. We have been sought by various industries locally & internationally. And at the moment, we have above 30,000 clientele in our database.

Many repeat customers come back to us through referrals and due to our service in solving their distress. We provide only the best quality products and services in accordance to our consulted solution.

Refer to our Contact page and fill up our inquiry form. And if your inquiry was solved, we will add it here.