VIP 130T – Stretch Film Peel Cling Tester

Product Application

Stretch Film Peel Cling Tester measures cling between two layers of film and help to determine the property of stretch wrap material ability to adhere to it.


ASTM D 5458, BB/T 0024

Product Features

  • 7 inch TFT touch screen operation (human machine interface)
  • PLC control unit for stable performance
  • Real time display of test curve, peak value recording.
  • Test speed is adjustable.
  • Different connection of loadcell with sample eliminates the interference caused by the friction and gravity of pulley and string, which are commonly used in traditional method.
  • Precision ball screw for accurate speed & displacement.
  • Limiting device and automatic returning.
  • Supportive lines of elongation rates, 50%, 100% and 200% engraved
  • Microprinter
  • Coefficient of friction function can be added (Optional) )