VIP 001T – Leak and Seal Strength Tester

Product Application

VIP 001T is a burst tester that tests for package seal failure when the package is exposed to a pressure differential. This test method is an indicator of the burst strength of a package and detects the weakest area of the seal, providing a measurement of the pressure required to burst open the package.


ISO 11607-1, ISO 11607-2, ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054

Product Features

  • The tester is able to realize three test modes of burst, creep and creep to failure.
  • Industrial level stability and operation convenience, contributed by PLC control unit and touch screen.
  • Test result auto statistics and storage.
  • Sensitivity and threshold personalized setting.
  • Dual test methods of restraint distension and unrestraint distension
  • Program customization available.
  • Standard pressure up to 600KPa (87 psi) and can be modified to user requirement
  • Compatible with other form of fixtures to facilitate tests to package form like open package (three-side-seal), closed package, tube, sealed tray and cup, etc.

Unrestrained Closed Package Test

Unrestrained Open Package Test