Manual & Automatic Cutting Machine

VCM 610S

VCM 610Z

VCM 610D

Product Application

It is suitable for cutting precision various materials with strong ability, high reliability, easy operation. The machine consists of machine body, electrical control tank, super cutting room, and cooling system, supporting more economical and convenient cutting models. Meanwhile the user can define cutting models. Meanwhile the user can define cutting speed and track. At the same time, this machine have following features, such as self-test, security. Running tips in order to improve the quality of cutting sample. It is one necessary equipment in laboratory of colleges, research institutes and factories.

Standard Accesories

Coolant Re-circulating system with pump & sump assembly

Optional Accessories

Vertical Clamp

Suitable for clamping irregular sample or cooperating with other fixture fixed sample.

Long and Thin Axis Clamp

For longitudinal cutting of less than

10 mm cylindrical specimens, common fixture can’t meet the requirements, selection of slender shaft fixture is the
best solution.

Vertical Rotary Fixture


Specimen sampling requirements according to the need of Angle, vertical rotary fixture is the best solution according to the Angle precision cutting.

Transverse Workbench


To ensure the continuous two parallel to the interface of the precision cutting, or requirements for precision cutting style close cutting piece, as far as possible choose horizontal moving workbench is the best solution.

Circulating Cooling Water Tank with Magnetic Filter

The cooling fluid not only take away heat, cutting the prevent burns, sample will be put at the end of the metal, cutting, abrasive, etc Into the tank, if there is no reliable way of filtering, the waste residue blocks waterways or damaged parts such as pump, magnetic filter can effectively prevent the end of the metal, cutting abrasive into the tank.