VIP 01HST – Heat Seal Tester

Product Application

Heat Seal Tester is applied in measuring heatsealability of a surface, or sealant layer of films, laminates, composites and polymers etc. How well the material heat seals is expressed quantitatively as seal strength as a function of the sealing conditions of temperature, time and pressure.


ASTM F2029

Product Features

  • HMI touch screen operated
  • PLC and high resolution pressure sensor for precise dwell time and sealing pressure
  • P.I.D. temperature control
  • Uniform heating by aluminum encapsulated sealing jaws
  • Sealing jaw customization available in term of dimension, shape and surface etc
  • Parameters digital inputting
  • Independent heating of upper and lower sealing jaws
  • Manual and foot switch starting test, anti-scald design


Jaws, upper Teflon coated and lower covered with silicone rubber pad

Main Interface

Test Interface


Software Report (Optional)