VIP 01RT – Ink Rub Tester (Arc Type)

Product Application

Ink Rub Tester (Arc Type) is designed to evaluate the scuffing or rubbing resistance of printed or coated surface of paper, paperboard, film, laminates, substrates, etc. It’s a motor-driven device for moving a weighted test specimen over the printed or unprinted sample through an arc of 57mm for a preset number of strokes.


TAPPI T830, ASTM D5264 Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed materials.

Product Features

  • PLC technology and human-machine operation
  • Five test modes of dry rub, wet rub, wet bleed or transfer, wet smear and functional rub
  • Test speed random setting
  • Dual stations arc movement structure
  • Precious rub circle control