VHM-2 – Automatic Mounting Press Machine

Product Application

VHM-2 type automatic style inlaying machine can make the shape or size doesn’t fit the sample through to meet the next sample preparation step and achieve the required testing plane, also can protect the edge or surface defects caused by preventive preparation process. Widely used in modern metallographic test, semi-automatic or automatic grinding and polishing machine for sample size specifications, in order to adapt to the request, must be set, so automatic Mosaic machine has become enjoy one of the necessary equipment in laboratory. Belong to automatic metallographic specimen inlaying machine, machine with the function of water cooling, suitable for hot Mosaic of thermosetting material, set the heating temperature, holding time after set parameters, such as, in the sample and Mosaic materials, covered with gland, press the button to work, can automatically set to work, not beside the machine unattended operation personnel.