Methallographic Grinding/Polishing Machine VMP 200E/250E

Product Application

This grinder polisher is double plate. It is suitable for pre grinding, grinding and polishing metallographic specimens. Since the machine is speed-adjusted by microprocessor, it can run at a revolution 0 to 1000rpm/1400rpm, which favors the machine with wide applications. The machine is equipped with cooling system that can cool down the specimen during pre grinding so as to prevent overheating and damage the metallographic structure. Featuring easy operation and reliable performance, it is an indispensable device for the factories, research institutions and college labs to prepare metallographic specimen.



Dust Cover

When to stop working for a long time, the dust cover is mounted on the grinding and polishing machine, to prevent dust, debris contamination or damage to equipment


Sample Fixture

Automatic grinding and polishing machine with center loading is suitable for special sample, such as mounting, unmounted or irregular specimen, it is used each other across multiple machines, it is made of lightweight aluminium.


Metallographic Special

Preferred abrasives(alumina. Silicon carbide). advanced and strict control of abrasive particle size classification. ensuring excellent grinding efficiency, grinding time shorter, more uniform deformation layer. Leading plant sand process to make sandpaper with a longer life, more economical and durable. With excellent water warpage. after water grinding. sand paper is minimize the degree of curling In the state of natural place, ensuring better the smooth surface of samples and abrasive.


Buckle Ring

When using a non-back glue sandpaper or a polishing fabric, with a buckle ring fixed, sample preparation isdone normally.


Sample Fixture

Automatic grinding and polishing machine with single loading is suitable for standard cylinder sample, the best specimen is mounting, different sizes specimen can be used, it is made of stainless steel.


Sample Fixture


FY-5 model manual/automatic digital dripping device adopts the advanced microcontroller with the characteristics of compact structure, reliable operation , strong anti-interface ability. It is available in all kinds of grinding/polishing machines, polishing machines. The polishing liquid will drip onto the grinding disc and the loading plate, so as to achieve the purpose of polishing.



It is suitable for automatic grinding and polishing machine with single loading, boost rapidly, low noise, it is a good choice for no gas supply laboratory.


Anti- Stick Grinding Polishing Disc

New products anti-stick grinding polishing disc, easy bonding all kinds of adhesive supplies, repeated use without residue: including disc dia.203,250,300mm


Polishing Fabric


The polishing fabric can be divided into two kinds of operations, according to back or non back glue.

1. Self-adhesive backing polishing fabric(with back glue):with adhesive back ,It can be affixed to the disc, transformation plate, magnetic disk, convenient exchange.
2. Non-adhesive polishing fabric (non- back glue):non-adhesive back, it is used with fixed buckle ring.