Coefficient of Friction Tester Malaysia

Victor provides 2 types of Coefficient of Friction Tester for packaging testing system in Malaysia which are VIP 127A and VIP 127B.

VIP T04 Flex Durability Tester (4 station)

The flex durability tester is used to measure the resistance against repetitive strain for films, composites and coating films, etc. Flex failure is determined by measuring the pinholes formed in the sample structure. It is also called Gelboflex.


  • PLC control and 7 inch touch screen operation
  • 5 standard test modes and 4 test stations
  • Long and short stroke fast switching
  • Condition A,B,C,D and E can be chosen
  • Micro printer (Optional)

ASTM F392, “Flex Durability of Flexible Barrier Materials”


Flex Frequency


Flex Angle

440° (90mm) or 400° (80mm)

Horizontal Stroke

155mm or 80mm



Sample Size

280mm x 200mm