VIP 725 Rubber gas permeability tester

VIP 725 Rubber gas permeability testerapply to the plastic film composite membrane, the barrier material, sheet, foil, rubber, plastics, tires tightness, penetration of the film at various temperatures, the gas transmission rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient of determination.

Meet the standards

GB 1038、ASTM D1434、ISO 2556、ISO 15105-1、JIS K7126-A、YBB 00082003

Technical Characteristics

Computer control, automatic test determination of transmission rate, solubility, diffusion and permeability coefficient proportion fuzzy two test procedures to determine mode range can be extended software set any temperature data fitting scalability test of toxic, explosive and other dangerous gases rapid calibration of standard film temperature and humidity test port.

Technical Parameter

Test range: 0.1~100,000cm3/m 2

  • 24h
  • 0.1MPa(conventional)

Cap is not less than 600,000 cm3 / m 2

  • 24h
  • 0.1MPa
(expansion volume) Note: General and expansion volume through the software to select
Temperature range: RT~50℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.1℃
Vacuum resolution: 0.1Pa
Test chamber vacuum: 20Pa
Number of samples: 1
Specimen Size: Φ97mm
Through the area: 38.48cm2(diameter 70mm)
Test gas: O2、N2、CO2 etc. (gas source user-owned)
Test pressure: -0.1MPa~+0.1MPa (conventional)
Gas supply pressure: 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Port size: Φ6mm polyurethane tube