VIP303 Color Assessment Cabinet

VIP303 Color Assessment Cabinet is applied to evaluating visual inspection of color fastness, matching color, and identifying aberration and fluorescent substance of textile industry, printing and dyeing industry and so on. The manufacture, quality control, acceptance check are all under the same standard light source to ensure the qualified color of products, and improve the competitiveness of the products.
Product features 
Switch different sources by pressing the control keys;
metamerism function
Large inner volume, the big sample is available to be test.
No need preheating, no flickering, to ensure evaluating the color quickly and accurately.
Low energy consumption, and high luminous efficiency.
Convenient to add the source.
Product application
It is applying in testing color of textile, toy, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, printing ink, pigment,
print, chemical, ceramics, footwear, leather, hardware, food, cosmetics and so on industries.

Main fixtures
Note: The light source is optional, four kinds, five kinds, six kinds or seven kinds are available.

Product parameters