Heat Seal Tester Machine

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VIP133 Heat sealing test device

Heat Seal Tester Machine

This article adopts the hot pressing sealing method to determine the plastic film base material, flexible packaging composite membrane, coated paper and other heat sealing compound membrane of the hot sealing temperature, heat sealing time, hot sealing pressure parameters. Melting point, If the heat sealing materials with different thermal stability, liquidity and thickness, will show a different heat sealing performance and its sealing technology parameters may be the difference is very big. This heat sealing test instruments, through its standardized design and standardization of the operation, can obtain the accurate hot sealing test index.

Product feature:
· Microcomputer control, LCD display
· Heat sealing parameters microcomputer control, high precision
·Sealing head temperature digital P.I.D. system control, temperature control precision is high
· With communication, print function
· Long hot cover design; Hot sealing surface temperature uniformity
· High precision pressure control components, complete set of international famous brand products
· Heating element special manufacturing, long working life
· Considerate mechanical operation design

Meet standard:
QB/T 2358(ZBY 28004)、ASTM F2029、YBB 00122003

Technical parameters:
• Model:HZ-1408B
• Heat sealing temperature:room tempreature~300℃(accuracy±0.2℃)
• Heat sealing time:0.1~999.9s
• Heat sealing pressure:0.05~0.7MPa
• Thermal cover:330mm×10mm
• Heat sealing heating form:Single or double heating heating
• Air source pressure:≤0.7MPa
• Dimension of frame: 536(L)mm × 335(B)mm × 413(H)mm
• Power:AC 220V 50Hz
• Net weight:43kg