VIP132B Electric Centrifuge

VIP132B Electric Centrifuge is mainly used to rapidly dewater pulp. Also used to determine the concentration of pulp, and measure dry pulp slurry sampling. Designed for laboratory testing.
Product features 
This instrument is scientifically designed. To ensure lots of excellent functions, such as: safe and reliable to use; easy to operate; quick start and fast stop; avoiding pollute material; new panel design… … It is an ideal testing equipment for health care, food, environmental protection, scientific research, teaching industry.
Product Application
The equipment is suitable for universities and colleges, health sectors, textile industry, food industry, agriculture and other sectors of the laboratory to do auxiliary equipment. Especially for paper industry, after beating the pulp, to sampling beating degree and determination the different concentration of cage, as well as washing pulp in laboratory.

Main fixtures
Mainframe, certificate of quality, operational manual, power line

Product parameter