VIP111B Folding Tester

VIP111B Folding Tester is designed according to relevant standards and adopts modern mechanical philosophy and computer processing technology. It has LCD display function, various parameters setting function, conversion, adjust, memory, printing and other functions。
Product Features  
1.New drive system and cooling system;
2.Temperature sensor monitors test temperature;
3.Two kinds of folding head to improve test efficiency;
4.Test data can be displaced by LCD, stored in micro-computer and printed by micro-printer.
5.Analyze Max. value, Min. value, average and coefficient of variation of a group test results.
6.Judge the break state and repeated folding number before breaking;
7.Silent Motor drives the folding head;
8.Precise bearing drives cutter to ensure steady running and good repeatability;
9.The test will stop and the folding knife will return back automatically after test.
Product Application 
The instrument is suitable to test the folding endurance of paper, which tensile strength is higher than
1.33KN/m and thickness is lower than 0.25mm.
Technology Standard 
QB/T 457-2002 《 paper -determination of folding endurance》
TAPPI T-423, ISO 5626, DIN 53412

Product Configuration
mainframe,power line,operational manual

Product Parameters