VIP110 Cobb Absorbency Tester

VIP110 Cobb Absorbency Tester is used to test the absorbency of paper and cardboard according to related standards.
Product Features 
1.Compact structure design;
2.Ensure the elegant appearance;
3.Very easy to operate and convenient to use.
Product Application 
It is applicable to test absorbency of paper and cardboard. It is widely used in paper industry, packaging industry and inspection department.
Technology Standard
ISO535-1991 <Paper and board — Determination of water absorptiveness>
GB/T1540-1989 <Paper and board – Determination of water absorption – Cobb method>
GB5406 <Testing method of oil permeance for paper>

Product Configuration 
Mainframe Note: Balance, Stopwatch and Cobb Absorbency Sample Cutter is optional.

Product Parameters