VIP109BQ Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester

It is a kind of international universal Mullen instrument.
This instrument is easy to operate, have reliable performance, and advanced technology. It is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research units, paper mills, packaging industry, quality inspection department.
Product features 
1. Micro-computer control systerm, open architecture, highly automatic program, to ensure the high accuracy, and convenience to operate.
2. Automatic measurement, Intelligent calculating functions.
3. Sample pneumatic clamping, saving time and effort, also reducing human error.
4. Equipped with micro-printer, convenient to get the test result.
5. Mechatronics modern design concept, hydraulic system, compact structure, nice appearance, easy maintenance.
6. Self-developed software, having automatical measure, statistics, print test results, data save function.
Product application
It is applicable to a various of single paper and thin cardboard is not higher than 2000kpa, it is also used in silk, cotton and other non-paper products test.
Technical standards
ISO2759              《paperboard-determination of bursting strength》
QB/T1057            《paper and paperboard bursting tester》
GB1539                《paperboard –determination of bursting tester》
GB/T 6545          《corrugated board-determination of bursting strength》
GB/T 454             《paper-determination of bursting strength》

Main fixtures
Mainframe, 4 rolls of printer paper, certificate of quality, operational manual, power line
Note: The user should be responsible for preparation of gas supply.

Product Parameters