VIP106 Stiffness Tester

VIP106 Carton Stiffness Tester is used to evaluate the stiffness and resiliency of cardboard by international Taber method Principle: It is designed according statical bend principle, that is to say, vertically fix one side of the sample, and bend the other side, when reach certain angle, the resistance power is bend stiffness, and the unit is mN; or the product of resistance power and length, the unit is mN.m.
Product features
1、Adopt high quality digital motor and simple but very practical transmission device.
2、Micro-computer control measure system, also providing relative software to collect and deal with the data.
3、The test report contains bend force(mN), stiffness(mN.m)
4、Very tidy design, and complete function, easy to operate.
Product application
Applying in testing stiffness and resiliency of paper and cardboard (thickness ≤1mm) according international Taber method.
Technical standards
ISO5628 <Paper and board – Determination of bending stiffness by static methods >
GB2679.3 <Board – Determination of puncture resistance>
QB/T1051 <Board – Tester of bending stiffness >
ISO 2493 <Paper and board — Determination of resistance to bending>
GB/T 22364 <Paper and board – Determination of bending stiffness>

Main fixtures
Mainframe, operating manual

Product parameters