VIP109CQ Paper and Paperboard Bursting Strength Tester

VIP 109C Cardboard Bursting Strength Tester-Touch Screen an international general Mullen instrument , is basic instrument for measuring the strength of paper and board. This instrument being simple to operate, with reliable quality and advanced technology is the ideal instrument of scientific research units, paper manufacturers, packaging industry, quality inspection departments.

Product features 
1) 7 inch touch-screen microcomputer control technology, opening structure, high automation degree, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2) Fully automatic measurement, intelligent calculation.
3) Self-designed software; automatic measurement and testing result being collected and printed; data-saving function
4) High speed easily-operate and low-fault micro printer ,
5) Modern design concept of mechatronics, hydraulic system, multi-functional, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance.

Product application
All kinds of single paper, thin board not higher than 2000kpa ,non paper products such as silk cotton.

Technical standards
ISO2759               《Determination of Bursting Strength of Paperboard》,

QB/T1057             《Paper and Board Bursting Strength Meter》;

GB1539                《Determination of Bursting Strength of Paperboard》;

GB/T 6545            《Determination of Bursting Strength for Corrugated Board》;

GB/T 454              《Determination of Bursting Strength of Paper》。

Main instrument,one power cable, four rolls printing paper

Product parameters

Measurement Range : 10~6000Kpa

Clamping force between upper and lower clamping plates : >430 Kpa

Speed of pressure-increasing and oil-adding : 95±5ml/ min

Film resistance : When bulge height reaches 10mm,20-40 Kpa

Machines Accuracy : 1 level (resolving power:0.1 Kpa)

Accuracy of indication : ±0.5%F.S

Sealing performance of Hydraulic system : When reach the upper limit,pressure decreasing in 1 minute < 10%Pmax