VIP123E-3 Touch-screen carton compression tester

Product features
Computer control; eight-inch color touch-screen control panel, high-speed ARM processor to ensure high automaticity, fast data collection, test automatically and intelligent judgment; Three test methods:compression test; stacking test; press standard test; Screen dynamic displays sample No., sample deformation, real-time pressure and initial pressure; Open structure, double screw, double column, reduction gears drive reduction, good parallelism, good stability, strong rigidity, long service life; Serve motor controls with high precise, low noise and high speed advantages; Accurate position and fast response speed save test time; 24 high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1 / 10,000,000) and high precision weighing sensor to ensure the speed and accuracy of the data acquisition of the instrument force; Ultimate travel protection, overload protection, bugs prompt and fault prompts intelligent configuration to ensure safe operation; Micro-printer can print test data easily.

Technical Standards

GB/T 4857.4 Packaging – transport packages compression test method
GB/T 4857.3 Packaging – transport packages static load stacking test method
ISO2872 Packaging — Complete, filled transport packages –Compression test
ISO2874 Packaging — Complete, filled transport packages –stacking test
QB/T 1048 cardboard and carton compression testing machine

Product Parameters

Items Parameter
Test range 1KN 5KN 10 KN(optional)
accuracy 0.5grade 1 grade(optional)
Resolution 0.1N 1 N
Deformation resolution 0.01 mm
Pressing Plate Parallelism between upper and lower pressing plate: ≤1mm
Test speed 1-300 mm/min(infinitely variable speeds)
Return speed 1–300mm/min(infinitely variable speeds)
stroke 500mm
Specimen Dimension 600mx600mmx500mm
power AC 220V 50 Hz
dimension 1000mmx600mmx1200mm