VIT 150 - Zipper Tester

Zipper Reciprocation Tester, to determine the resistance to reciprocation of zipper (slide fastener). The test specimen is subject to a specified number of cyclic operations whilst under lateral and longitudinal tension.
Zipper Tester catches the head of zipper to do reciprocating movement in a constant speed for 30 times per minute. Integral counter is set to stop the drive when a pre-selected count has been reached.
Equipped with a sensor so that the machine will stop automatically before the zipper is broke. Adjustable stoke 40~100mm is offered as request.

BS 3084, CNS -1083, QB/T 2171

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 4 A

80 Kg

480 x 350 x 950mm (L x W x H)

  • Speed 30 cpm
  • 0 ~ 100 N lateral force
  • 0 ~ 50 N longitudinal force
  • Counter 1-999,999 times (adjustable)