VIT 151 - Velcro Tester

Velcro Tester, to determine the capability of Velcro used for shoes, garments, etc.
Cut the specimen 540mm by 20 or 50mm in dimension from the sample being tested into the wheel of Velcro tester to be fitted completely. To subject Velcro (hook & loop) to repeated stripping and peeling for a certain number of times. Use tensile machine (another purchase) to measure its peeling strength (AS) and shear strength (PA) after this test.


  • PLC closed-loop controller controlled. AC servomotor ensures accurate and durable
  • Rigid construction and advanced AC servomotor ensures quiet running.
  • Transparent plastic cover ensures safe and convenient operating.

BS EN ISO 22776, DIN-3415, SATRA TM 123

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 3 A

105 Kg

450 x 540 x 550 mm (L x W x H)

Advantages of Velcro

Velcro, also know as nylon self-gripping fastener, is a kind of accessories for clothing collocation. It is not only simple to operate, but also improves the performance of clothing, and makes the clothing look more beautiful and practical so that a lot of clothes use Velcro instead of cumbersome buttons and belts. Velcro is a kind of very environmental protection textile accessories, which is anti-washing, anti-sunlight, easy to use, and no harm to the human body, so it has become a very important part of clothing.

What Should Pay attention to When we use Velcro?

We should try to avoid the Velcro soaking in water for a long time, be careful to prevent dust, and stay away from high-temperature objects when using Velcro. After long time use, some dust and plush will be adhered to the back adhesive buckle which should be cleaned up in time, because these dust and plush can easily damage the nylon hook, make the tearing effect worse, and affect the service life of the Velcro directly.

What is a Velcro Tester?

Velcro is widely used in clothing, backpack, tent, shoes, and hats because of their simple use, high viscosity, and washing resistance, and different requirements for adhesive stability are put forward for different industries. Velcro tester, also called nylon fastener tester, is used to test the adhesion fatigue of various Velcro.

The nylon fastener tester produced by our company uses advanced AC servomotor to ensure that the instrument is quiet and long-lasting running, PCL closed-loop controller makes the test more accurate. So it is the best choice for you to test the fatigue degree of Velcro. In addition, before testing, you should pay attention to cling the Velcro against the roller without any loosening, so to ensure the validity of the test.

  • Upper Roller Dia. 162+/- 0.5 mm, 80 mm in width
  • Lower Roller Dia. 160+/- 0.5 mm, 80 mm in width
  • Roller Speed 60+/-5 r/min
  • Load 1+/-0.1 N/mm
  • Number of test cycles 5,000
  • Counter LCD display, 1- 9, 999 times, adjustable