VIT 174 - Wascator FOM 71 CLS Lab Washer-extractor

Wascator FOM 71 CLS Lab Washer-extractor, standard reference washing machine.
Microprocessor controlled, up to 999 washing and drying programs can be designed as required, input via the keyboard and stored in memory. The test programs for standard BS, ISO, and IWS are offered optionally on request.

M&S P1, P1A, P3A, P12, P91, P99, P99A, P134 BS EN 25077/26330, ISO 5077/6330, IEC 456

220 / 110 V 50/60 Hz

200 Kg

760 x 780 x 1600mm (L x W x H)

What is wascator? It is a kind of washing machine with international standard of washing shrinkage.

For use of Wascator Washing Machine, we need to clean the machine regularly in order to run well. Draw off valve cleaning is ordinary in maintenance(PS: The alarming system will show “NO WATER”/“NOT DRAINED”). The disassembly step is in this following text.


Wascator Washing Machine

10mm sleeve, CR-V T30(Plum screwdriver), CR-V T20 Phillips screwdriver


  1. Use Phillips screwdriver to detach the baffle.
  2. Whipped black plastics baffle of drain value.
  3. Use Phillips screwdriver to detach the fixing screw ( In the linkage of roller and drain valve rubber hose).
  4. Hold on both ends of drain value and pull down and out.Now you can start to clean.
  5. After the cleaning work, you can return the machine and startup.

Matters needing attention

While detaching the drain value, you need to check every wascator washing machines parts whether clean enough to avoid wasteful duplication of effort.

After maintenance and recovery, you must ensure correct position of machine parts before you tighten the screws.