VIT 175 - Standards Tumble Dryer

Standard Tumble Dryer, used for the test of drying process and of the drying procedures needed by other textiles, which are prescribed in the standard textiles test purposed household cleaning and drying procedures.

GB/T 8629, ISO 6330

220 / 110 V 50/60 Hz 3KW

150 Kg

800 x 800 x 960mm (L x W x H)

Application Scope

The new standard of GB/T 8629-2017 was put into effect on December 1th 2017, replacing the old standard of GB/T 8629-2001. New standard and old standard apply to household washing and drying of textile fabrics, clothing or other textile products.

Compared with the old standard, the new standard has the following changes: three washing programs for type A washing machine and seven washing programs for type C washing machine are added. When the washing process is finished, the new standard adjusts the temperature of the air outlet during drying, which is 10℃ higher than the old standard.

Test Procedure

1 Weighing the Standard Tumble Dryer and record the data, and then connect with the main power to preheating about 5 minutes.

2 Weighing the sample and other fabric after washed and dehydrated and record the data.

3 Estimate the possible drying time according to the standard requirements. Open the door of the standard tumble dryer, and put the sample and other fabric into the cylinder and close the door.

4 Adjust the drying time and then press drying button to start the machine. The dryer will stop heating automatically in the last 20 minutes and cool until the machine stops rotating.

5 Measuring the mass of the sample and other fabric until the rate of water content reaches the standard requirements.

6 Turn power off and open the door to take out the sample and other fabric.


1 The independent power socket should be used; the grounding cable to earth should be reliable.

2 Make sure the sample dehydrated and without any water droplet can be found before it put into the tumble dryer to protect the machine will not be damaged by the water.

3 The safety door cannot be opened during the test, otherwise, the hot air will scald the skin.

4 Clean the observing window and filter screen by using the wet cloth after each test.

  • Type front-loading, horizontal drum
  • Diameter drum φ58cm±1cm
  • Drum volume 100L
  • Revolution speed 50r/min
  • Number of lift sheets 3pieces with 120° between each one
  • Rated drying capacity 5kg
  • Controlled air outlet temp. less than 80 deg.