VIT 179 - Garment & Printed Fabric Durability Tester

Printed Fabric Durability Tester, to determine the durability of garments and garment components, print durability, pleat retention, waddings and quilted waddings, cockling (differential shrinkage), flock retention, crinkle, seersucker and collars and cuffs. Test samples are immersed into the heated detergent and running machine for a specified time. The instrument is designed to meet the requirements of many leading retail stores standard garment and fabric durability test specifications.

M & S P5, P6, P7, C15

220 V 50/60 Hz

130 Kg

700 x 680 x 850mm (L x W x H)

Test Principle

Making a solution by mixing detergent with water and pouring it into the bucket of the tester, but we cannot place the specimen until the solution reaches specified temperature. We can take out the specimen and gain the result after the tester run for specified time.

Introduction of instrument

Garment & Printed Fabric Durability Tester is used to test the washability with M&S specific fabric testing standard to measure the influence on color fastness of printing, clothing and clothing accessories by washing. It accords with the durability test standard for button print fabric of M&S company like C15, P5, etc.

Instrument characteristics

1. Box-type design. The instrument is made up of box, control panel, and rotating system.

2. Intuitive control interface and simple operation.

3. The high precision temperature controller and program timer are ensuring the accurate temperature and time.

4. Unique design with strong practicality.

5. The box is made of stainless steel to make sure it is durable in use.

6. Controlled drainage by button. It is reliable that the draining pump is connected to the embedded filter.

  • Rotation speed 560rpm +/-2%
  • Detergent 40L
  • Sample size 500 x 500 mm
  • Test temp 60 oC