VIT 512 - Swatch Cutter

Electric Swatch Cutter, Cuts fabric sample (pattern, swatch) of 450mm cutting length and 100 cutting depth with safe, quick and accurate operating.


  • The lightest swatch cutter in the world .(6 kg only)
  • Bearing drive circular blade.
  • Installation in 3 minutes on any table top.
  • Laser alignment cutting.
  • Right angle rail for parallel swatch cutting.
  • Scale cutting mat for speedy measurement

Included Accessories

  • Cutting blade: 1Pcs / 1year life
  • Scale cutting mat: 1Pcs / 6 months life

220 / 110 V 50/60 Hz

Weight Cutter:
7 Kg / Mat: 3Kg

Dimensions Cutter:
930x330x170 / Mat: 600x600x40mm (LxWxH)

What is a Fabric Swatch Cutter?

Swatch cutting machine, widely used in cotton, wool, silk, hemp chemical fiber and other textile cutting. Fabric sample cutting machine is used to make all kinds of sample card, color card, hanging card, trousers trimming, leather, gifts and other industries processing edge products. Using the fabric swatch cutting machine, not only the cutting accuracy, the edge is perfect, but also could cut the multi-layer cloth, the maximum cutting depth can be up to 10mm.

Instrument Characteristics

1 Adopt bearing type alloy knife blade, uniform and coherent cut, to avoid the fluff, skew, serrated phenomenon, can easily cut all kinds of leather, textiles.

2 Using a high-tech guide, accurate measurement, which can save an unnecessary waste of samples.

3 Straight long guideway design, cutting simple and rapid. The cutting board with scale is attached, which is convenient and quick to measure the position.

4 No need for electricity, manual operation, quick and time saving, light and agile.

  • Cutting blade: 1year life / Dia. 80mm circular blade(pitch 5mm)
  • Cutting thickness: 10mm
  • Cutting length: 450mm
  • Scale cutting mat: 500*500mm (double side usable)