VIT 515 - Pneumatic Sample Press

Pneumatic Sample Press, a new type of desktop sample press, is to cut samples for testing or other use. Equipped with 125 mm cylinder, Cutting depth of 10mm and 125 x 125mmn tables. Under the pressure of 100 psi can produce 800kg/f pressure, equipped with a double bond security operation. Can be requested to provide special shape die. Laboratory standards compression air is required.
The cutting dies in most sizes and shapes can be offered on request with drawings.

ISO3801, ASTM D3776/2646, BS 3424/2471, BS EN 12127, M&S P65/65A

Air Source
0.5-0.6 Mpa

80 Kg

350 x 350 x 500mm (L x W x H)

What is a Pneumatic Sample Cutter?

Sample pneumatic cutting machine, equipped with a cutting model, cutting the test samples according to different standards, simple operation and safe operation. When cutting the sample, the force is uniform and the edge is neat, providing a high-quality sample for the test standard.

Operating Steps

1 Connect the machine with the air supply.

2 Connect the machine with the power supply.

3 Place the cutting pad on the working platform, adjust the height of platen by adjusting the by adjusting the screws.

4 Place the sample to be cut on the cutting pad.

5 Place the suitable cutting die on the sample.

6 Press and hold the start button for certain times to cut samples.

7 Release two start buttons to lift the platen, then take out the cutting dies and the cut sample.


Two start buttons should be pressed at the same time when cutting the sample; it is used to protect our hands from the damaged by the machine.

The air supply can be adjusted when cut sample, to make sure the safe of operator and avoid the damage of cutting die, the air supply should be adjusted slowly.

Be careful the sharp edge when touch the cutting dies.