VIT 513 A/C/D - Circular Sample Cutter

Fabric Circular Sample Cutter / GSM Cutter, The circular sample cutter cuts fabric sample in various dimension, such as 100cm2 for GSM, Dia. 140mm for Martindale test, etc. Cut accurate fabric circular samples with smooth edges by drawing action even difficult materials such as fabric, thin films, tissue paper, and corrugated cardboard and synthetic leather can be cut by the sample cutter conveniently.
The cutting pad is made of porous rubber, which allows the sample cutter to cut into the base with complete safety.


  • TF513A Circular Sample Cutter — Dia. 113mm/100cm2 /–For European Fabric Yield System
  • TF513C Circular Sample Cutter — Dia. 38mm/12cm² — For Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester
  • TF513D Circular Sample Cutter Dia. 140mm/154cm² –For Martindale Abrasion and Pilling tester

3 Kg

200x200x160mm (L x W x H)

What is a Fabric Weight Cutter?

GSM machine, also known as fabric weight GSM, is mainly used in textile fabrics, leather, copper foil, glass fiber and other industries, used to measure the weight of product unit area. At present, some people call the fabric sampler cutter, some call the sampler cutter and the electronic balance together.

Why do you Need a Fabric Weight Circular Cutter?

In the process of fabric production, various tests are needed. In order to the consistency of the test standards and reduce the error of the test, we need deal with the test samples in a unified way by gsm fabric cutter. The GSM cutter and scale are used together, according to the fabric gsm cutter calculation, we can get the test samples suitable for us. The fabric punch and scale is a necessary testing instrument.

Instrument Operation

1 Lay the fabric to be cut flat on the GSM cutter pad, place the disc sampler on the fabric, pull out the locking device on the sampler, rotate about 90 degrees. Hold the outer cover in one hand, hold the handwheel in the other hand, and apply certain pressure, then rotate the handwheel clockwise (the angle is greater than 90 degrees) and cut the round sample.

2 When the sample cutter is used, lock the device and rotate to the position so that the blade cannot be exposed to avoid danger.


1 The blade edge of this instrument is sharp, do not put your hand on the bottom to avoid injury during use.

2 The sample should be cut on the GSM cutter pad, the instrument should be cleaned when not used and placed in the instrument box to avoid damage.

3 If the blade is not sharp after a period of time, it is necessary to replace the blade.

Test Result

What is GSM in fabric? After taking the sample, weighing it on an electronic balance with an accuracy of 0.01g. After reading, the weight displayed is multiplied by 100 to be the weight of the sample of 1m². For example, the weight of the sample read by the electronic balance is 3.57g. then, The weight of the sample of 1m²(100 GSM fabric) is 357g.