VIT 131 - UV Penetration & Protection Test System

UV Penetration & Protection Tester. Fabric Samples are measured in a double beam spectrophotometer with an integrated sphere. The software calculates UV penetration factors and sun protection factors from the scan data. It runs on a PC under Microsoft Windows and controls the spectrophotometer, automates the measurement process and generates a printed report.

AATCC 183, BS 7914, AS/NZS 4399, PREN13758, GB/T18830

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 100 W

45 Kg

290x500x380mm (L x W x H)

Standard for UV Penetration & Protection Test of Textiles

Because of the different geographical locations of various countries, at present there is no uniform standard for the UV detection of textiles in the world. The main testing standards include the EU standard PREN13758, the Australian / New Zealand standard AS/ NZS4399, the American standard AATCC 183, the British standard BS7914 and the Chinese standard GBP / T18830. The UV protection test provides UV light wavelength of 280nm~400nm through a stable UV light source, after illuminating samples by the UV light, it will collect the total spectral projection rays, determine the total spectral projection ratio, and calculate the UV transmittance or the UPF value of the sample.

Interpretation of Specialized Terminology

UPF, is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Protection Factor, it refers to “the ratio of the average ultraviolet radiation calculated when the skin is unprotected and has fabric protection”. The higher the UPF value, the better the UV – proof performance. Only when the UPF value is greater than 40 , and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5 % , it can be referred to as the UV – proof product , and when the UPF value is greater than 50 , the influence on the human body is negligible .

Ultraviolet is the electromagnetic wave of wavelength from 200nm to 400nm. The wavelength from 320nm to 400nm region is called UVA, it can penetrate into the deep of the skin, make the skin black, damage the skin elastic fiber, and then appear fold and relaxation. The wavelength from 280nm to 320nm region is called the UVB, which has less radiation than the UVA, but it easily tends to dilate subcutaneous blood vessels, leading to skin erythema and skin freckles, and even causes skin aging and skin cancer when irradiated by UVB for a long time.

UV Penetration & Protection Test System

The anti-ultraviolet testing instrument is also called: fabric sunscreen index tester, anti-ultraviolet performance tester, anti-ultraviolet transmittance tester, anti-ultraviolet radiation tester, and UV penetration & protection test system. Whether the textile is sunscreen or not, we need to test the UV protection coefficient of textiles(UPF value) by the UV penetration & protection tester.

The UV penetration & protection test system developed by our company meets various test standards, can support PC control, and operate automatically. It is an ideal choice for you to test the sunscreen index of textiles.

  • Measuring range
    Through rate 0 – 100% ± 0.01%
    UPF 0 – 50+
  • Wavelength range 280 ~ 400nm ± 0.5 nm
  • Wavelength repeatability 0.25 nm
  • Data interval 2 nm
  • Slit width < 5 nm
  • Optic system 0 / d
  • Light diameter of sample 10 mm