VIT 123B - Hand-held Textile Moisture Meter

Hand-held Textile Moisture Meter, widely used in leather materials, fabrics, garments, yarn, axis, cheese, textiles and other industries that need rapid determination of moisture (moisture regain).


  • Textile moisture meter using high-frequency theory, LCD digital display, the probe and
    the host all in one.
  • Position the probe against the surface to be measured, determine moisture quickly
    within one second.
  • Measure accurately and without any damaging on the surface to be measured.
  • Small size, light Weight that can be portable for on-site rapid testing

9V battery (6F22)

2 Kg

160 x 60 x 27mm (L x W x H)

What is the moisture content of the fabric?

The moisture absorption of textile materials is an important property related to material properties and processing technology, and it has some influence on the durability, colorfastness and wearing comfort of the textile. The moisture absorption of the textile materials is usually expressed by the moisture regain(the percentage of the water content in the textile material accounts for the dry weight of the textile material), and the moisture regain plays a very important role in the commercial trade, the performance test and the textile processing of the textile materials.

The function of Hand-held Textile Moisture Meter

Hand-held textile moisture meter, also called textile moisture tester, leather moisture meter, the instrument is used to test the moisture content of textile materials(fibers, strips, yarns, fabrics, etc.) and leather (real leather, cattle leather, pigskin,etc.). The application of hand-held moisture meter for textile materials has made a great contribution to control the clothing humidity better, prevent the product from mildew and improve the product quality for the vast number of enterprises.

Characteristics of textile moisture meter

  1. Simple design, LCD digital display, probe and host machine as a whole.
  2. When measuring the moisture content of cloth, yarn, textile and so on, the moisture content can be measured by leaning the instrument probe against the surface of the object to be measured and test quickly.
  3. Stable performance, accurate test, and there is no damage to the measured surface.
  4. Small size, lightweight, can be carried with you, convenient for operators to test the moisture content of products on the spot, the instrument is a good helper to test moisture content.
  • Moisture range 0 ~ 40%
  • Work environment -5 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
  • Accuracy ± 0.5%
  • Response time 1 second
  • Display LCD digital display
  • High-frequency scanning depth 50mm
  • Stall converter 0 ~ 10