VIT 122 - Fabric Density Glass

Fabric Density Glass, used to test the number of yarn of all fabrics.

GB/T4668, ISO7211.2

2 Kg

97 x 53 x 35mm (L x W x H)

Fabric Density Definition

What is the density of the fabric? Fabric density refers to the number of yarns per unit area of the fabric. The meridional is called wrap density and the zonal is called weft density. At present, the density of fabric is expressed in the Metric System and the British System. Metric System refers to the number of yarns within 10cm of fabric. British System refers to the number of yarns within one inch of fabric. The two can be converted in 1inch to 2.54cm.

According to the above definition, density glass is generally designed as magnifying glasses by the inch or centimeter. For example, the fabric density is 78*65 by inch, which means that there are 78 warp yarns and 65 weft yarns in one square inch of fabric. It is written as wrap density: 78/inch, and weft density: 65/inch; it will be 78*65 if you put them together. Knowing the principle above, it is easy to choose which density glass to measure.

Use Method of Fabric Density Glass

1 According to the pre-setting fabric count, select the lens magnification to install in the eyepiece frame of the instrument

2 According to the color of the fabric, the color of the selected cursor glass is determined, and one of the three colors is selected, which is easy to check and count.

3 When operating and measuring, the instrument is placed on the fabric which will be measured, it should be adjusted parallel to the warp and weft of the fabric. The height and lower lens can make the view imaging is clear, the left hand to grab the top surface of the instrument, the right-hand rotation knob, the lens in line to zero, then reverse the adjusting knob, Visually count the number of warp and weft yarns in unit length, that is density of fabric.

Fabric Density Glass Maintenance

1 Always keep the instrument clean, do not touch the lens with hands or other objects to prevent lens blur or hair.

2 Two screws are pointed out on the bottom surface in order to insert the fabric and restrict movement when using, so it should always be sharp and avoid being placed on the hard plate.

  • Magnification Multiple
  • 10 fold applicable for fabrics below 60-count
  • 20 fold applicable for fabrics