VIT 121 - Digital Thickness Gauge

Auto Thickness Gauge, to determine the thickness of various woven and knitted fabrics under a certain pressure. Automatic lifting up and down is to avoid manual operation error; each test should be pre-set pressing time for 10s or 30s, available with two unit mode in mm and inch.

Optional Order
Range of thickness 0.001~25mm

ISO5084, ISO 9073, ISO9863, GB 3820, FZ/T 01003

220 V 50 Hz 40 W

70 Kg

410 x 160 x 300 mm (L x W x H)

The importance of thickness gauge

It has been indicated through weave analysis and testing that the weavethickness has distinct effect on fabric smoothness, wetting, the dot enlarges quantity of bonding, peeling strength, etc. Therefore, scientifically measuring the thickness of fabrics is particularly important. The appearance of thickness meter solves this problem.

Because the thickness of the fabric increases with the area of the presser foot of the material thickness gauge, it becomes smaller as the applied pressure increases. Therefore, reducing the measurement error is the core technology of the digital thickness meter. As one of the professional digital thickness gauge suppliers, our company provides more precise thickness gauge meter, always welcome your inquiry.

  • Digital display
  • Range of thickness: 0.01~25mm or 0.001~25mm
  • Measuring accuracy: 0.01mm or 0.001mm.
  • Lowering speed of pressing-foot: 1.72 mm/s
  • Area of pressing foot: 100mm2, 2000mm2, 2500mm2, 10000mm2
  • Load Weight: 20cN, 100cN, 200cN, 500cN, 2000Cn
  • Pressing duration: 10s, 30s