VIT 125 - Crimp Tester

Crimp Tester, to calculate the crimp in yarn affected by knitting or weaving by taking apart the yarn from a piece of given-length fabric, unbending it under given force and measuring its length, to determine actual yarn usage.


  • Touch panel display and control
  • Auto alarms after drawing to a predetermined tension, and stops
  • Automatic or manual testing mode
  • Automatic operation after setting up force value
  • Real-time display of elongation and force value

FZ/T 01091, ISO 7211, ASTM D3883, GB/T 25296,FZ/T 01093, FZ/T 70008, IWSTM 169, BS 2863/2865/2866

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz 200W

46 Kg

1655 x 330 x 300mm (L x W x H)

Definition of Yarn Crimp

The percentage of the difference between the straightening length and the curling length as a percentage of the straightening length under the specified load after the yarn has been curled, which is called the crimping degree of the yarn, also known as the yarn shrinkage rate. It reflects the degree to which the crimp structure of the yarn is restored when it is straightened.

In the process of processing, the fiber forms a certain crimp form, but under certain conditions, such a form will be recovered, which is the origin of crimp shrinkage. The winding degree of yarn is one of the main factors of fabric structure, and its crimp degree has great influence on the amount of yarn, the appearance of fabric and the physical and mechanical properties.

Structural Characteristics of the Yarn Crimp Instrument

The yarn crimp measuring instrument includes a long strip base and a scale fixed on the base. The base is equipped with a pretension setting device and a length measuring device.

The pre-tension setting device includes a balanced head, which is fixed on the vertical plate on a base. A balance pointer on the balance head, a balance rod one end of which is connected to the balance head, and a balance weight that can be moved horizontally on the balance bar. At the end of the base, a positioning nut to position the balance rod and the weight scale fixed to the base.

The length measuring device is located on the surface of the base and comprises two clamps, one of which is mounted on the balance head and the other one is mounted on a sliding that can be moved horizontally on the scale.

The instrument is also equipped with a calibration device, a large and small balance head and a corresponding two-step measuring range, which can measure the yarn crimp accurately and quickly.

  • Load range 0. 01 – 200 cN
  • Length sensor accuracy 1mm
  • Display Touch panel
  • Stroke (excluding grips) 10 – 1000mm