VIT 124 - Course Length Tester

Course Length Tester, to determine the accurate length of a complete course of knitted fabric. When the yarn is attached to the clamp and wound round the pulleys, the length indicated on the ruler by the weighted clamp is added to that indicated on the appropriate location in use to give the total length of yarn.
Course length range 50-900cm (2-36 inches).

BS 5441

25 Kg

50 x 25 x 1550mm (L x W x H)

What is Loop Length?

Loop is the basic unit and the main characteristic of knitted fabric. It is a curve of three degrees bending, which consists of a circle column and a circle arc. The length of the knitted fabric loop refers to the yarn length of it and it is measured in mm.

Significance of Course Length Measurement

The loop length not only determines the density of the knitted fabric, but also has a great influence on the physical properties of them, such as dispersion, extensibility, abrasion resistance, elasticity, strength and pilling resistance. Coil length is the most important parameter affecting the density of knitted fabric, and it is directly related to the quality of knitted fabric. The loop size is determined by the length of the loop, and the quality of the knitted fabric depends on whether the size of each course is uniform and neat, and weather its shape is consistent. Therefore, in order to meet the quality requirements of knitted fabric, we need to check the loop length of knitted fabric on a regular basis.

Course Length Testing Process

Because of the loop’s particularity, they cannot be measured separately, so we generally measure the yarn length of 100 courses and calculate their average value. The testing method is simple, but it is important to note that the yarn cannot be pulled too tightly or loosely and a suitable object should be inserted on each piece of yarn to reduce the test error of the test during the testing process, because the extension of the knitted yarn itself and the course arc will have a influence on the test. For more intuitive testing process, please see the video or consult us directly.