VIT 10 - Geotextile Water Permeability Tester

Geotextile Water Permeability Tester, to determine the constant-head water flow capacity (water permeability) within the plane of a geotextile or geotextile-related product, is measured under varying normal compressive stresses, typical hydraulic gradients and defined contact surface.


  • The whole machine is made of quality stainless steel and aluminum ensures no any rust and corrosion.
  • Equipped with 4 600ml/min flow-meters for lower water permeability products, and a 5L/min flow meter is equipped for high water permeability products.
  • Equipped-in water tank ensures water head pressure will not overload.

ISO11058, GB/T15789, GB/T17633, FZ/T10003, JTG E50 T1141, SL/T235,ISO 8124-1/ 8124-4

380 V 50 Hz 1000 W

175 Kg

1200 x 540 x 1850 mm (L x W x H)

  • Max pressure 300 mmH2O
  • Resolution 1 mm
  • Clamping area Dia. 50mm
  • Thickness range of specimen 0.1 ~ 10 mm
  • Water-flow range 0 ~ 5 L/min