VIT 313 - Surface Flash Tester

Surface Flash Tester. The rapid spread of flame over the surface of the material without ignition of its basic structure, is usually applied to pile or fur fabrics. This flammability tester is safe and easy to operate. Swiveling butane burner is traversed across the face of the fabric to determine whether surface flash occurs and to record any damage to the base fabric.
Automatic gas and timing control system includes solenoid control gas valve and automatic ignition timer and controls.

BS 4569

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

45 Kg

450 x 400 x 300 mm (L x W x H)

Test Principle

A sheet of fabric is held vertically in a substantial draught free enclosure and a flame is moved across the surface of the pile at a known speed to determine whether flame from the igniting flashes over the surface of the pile.

Sample Preparation

1 Cut two samples according to the specified size, with long edges parallel to the longitudinal of the material.

2 Mark the position of the needle on the fabric before cutting.

3 Shake the fabric violently to ensure that all loose fabric isolation coils are removed.

4 Adjust the sample in the box for at least 24 hours with the air temperature is 23±2℃ and the relative humidity is 50±2%.

Test Procedure

1 Place the sample on the needle frame and place the cover plate on the edge of the fabric. Ensure that the samples are sufficiently in the absence of tensile samples. Fix the cover plate with a clamp.

2 Adjust the flame height of the burner is 50mm with a high flame gauge, and adjust the distance between the needle frame and the burner so that the sample surface is 5mm from the burner port when the burner is moving. The end cover of the combustion tube should only touch the fluff on the fabric surface.

3 Three tripping wires across the sample are attached to the appropriate timer device at three locations of 150mm, 300mm, and 600mm from the combustion tube. Ensure that the line is horizontal by placing it in a groove on the cover plate.

4 Place the burner in the horizontal position and by means of the traversing mechanism move the burner from 50 mm beyond one side of the test specimen to 50 mm beyond the other in 2±0.2s at a constant speed. Observe and record the test results.

What Should Pay Attention to When Testing?

The line is easily broken and can not be stretched. Use two lines in the microswitch and the clamp.

Starts to test when the burner down to the horizontal position and presses the timer button at the same time.

Reverse the direction of the second sample villi and repeat this step.

  • Nozzle moving speed 150+/-5 mm/s
  • Nozzle moving distance ≥300mm
  • Fire nozzle size complies with ISO 6941
  • Testing height of fur 0-70mm
  • Fire Height 0-60mm (adjustable)