VIT360 - Needle Flame Tester


Needle Flame Tester, to determine the fire hazards of insulation and combustible materials used inside electrical and electronic products, when they are subject to components ignited, the test flame does not cause ignition, or that a combustible part ignited by the test flame has a limited duration of burning or a limited extent of burning, without spreading fire by flames or burning or glowing particles falling from the test specimen.

The Needle Flame Tester consists of a dia.0.9mm needle burner that tilts to 45 degree from the vertical and is fueled with butane gas. The fire hazard of the specimen is assessed by measuring the burning duration of the specimen, and any ignition of the wrapping tissue and white pine board below the specimen.

Standards Complied: 

IEC60695-11-5 IEC60695-2-2 GB/T 5169.5 GB 4706.1

  • Needle burner : Ø0.9mm (inner Ø0.5mm), 35mm in length
  • Burner angle : 0,°20°, 45°  adjustable
  • Flame Height : 12mm ± 1mm
  • Range : 0~1000°C
  • Flame Temp. : 100 °C ± 2 °C ~ 700 °C ± 3 °C
  • Flame time : 5 s ± 1 s
  • Standard Copper Block : 4mm±0.01mm, weight.0.58g±0.01g before drilling
  • Test process : Automatic control, independent convulsions
  • Chamber : ≥0.5m3
  • Control : Single chip microcomputer + touch screen control
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Dimensions: 1100 mm x 700 mm x 1300 mm ( L x W x H )