VIT 360A/B - Wrap Reel

Wrap Reel, to produce skeins of yarn of a pre-determined length and number of turns for count
and strength testing. 1 Meter, 36″ or 54″ circumference collapsible swift (specify). Wrap reel
complete with yarn package stand and pre-tension device, fitted with pre-determined counter.

ISO 2060, ASTM D1907/2260, BS 2010, DIN 53830, GB/T4743, GB/T14343, GB/T6838

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

75 Kg

960 x 760 x 650 mm (L x W x H)

Determination of the Count by Wrap Reel Experiment


To determine the yarn count by wrap reel.


Yarn wrap reel machine — TY360

Yarn Count Tester — TY361


  1. Put the given sample on the Wrap weel.
  2. Start the wrap reel yarn testing.
  3. Weight the yarn by the yarn count tester.
  4. Pay attention to unit of the weight (in this experiment, convert the gram to pound).
  5. Record the data and put them in the equation as follows.


Yarn Count = [ Length in yard × Weight unit] / [ 840 Yard × Weight in pound]


  1. Calculate the wrap reel yarn countby the equation.
  2. The average count are the count of the given sample.


The procedures and the yarn count test method of the experiment are very simple. The only thing you should focus on is which units you need and be cautious about the unit conversion.

  • Circumference of winch
    TY360A 1000 ±1 mm
    TY360B 54 ± 1/16 inch
  • Number of wrap 1 ~ 9,999 adjustable
  • Pre-tension 2 ~ 100cn
  • Traveling reciprocating distance 35 mm
  • Spacing of spindles 60 mm
  • Reel speed 20 ~ 280r/min (variable)