VIT 510B - Lab Saw Cotton Gin

Saw Gin Floor-type is used for separating seed cotton. After ginning, cotton fiber with trash, leaf, dust, etc is collected, and cottonseed with a little clean lint is collected in another container.
This lab model gin is conveniently used for trial ginning and as the pre-process of cotton trash analyzer at cotton collecting point and plant, laboratory, etc.

JB-T 7884.1

220 V / 380 V 50 Hz 2.2 kW / 4 kW

300 kg

1400x 800x1300mm (L x W x H)

Lab Saw Ginning Process

Feed the cotton into the blooming mechanism, then enter the front box of the mill, and be plucked the cotton roll to the saw blade. Remove large sundries, such as boll shell, and take cotton quilt sawtooth hooks into the crimping work box. The sawtooth hooks the fiber rotates, passes through the adjacent crimping rib clearance, the cotton fiber is brushed, enters the cotton collection box; the cotton is blocked by the rib, passes through the cotton comb to discharge the machine. This is the cotton ginning process.

The Difference Between the Roller Gin and the Saw Gin

The lab cotton gin is divided into a lab roller gin and a lab saw gin. It is processed by a roller gin lab-type when the quantity of cotton is relatively, and the cotton fiber processed by the roller gin is longer and more flexible than that processed by the saw gin, but it has many impurities and does not look glossy. A large number of cotton is generally processed by saw gin in industry, and the cotton fiber processed by saw gin is shorter and less flexible than that processed by roller gin, but it has less impurity and looks shiny.

  • High efficiency cleaning unit and feeding roller, running is stable and reliable.
  • Simple driving system, low impact, low noise.
  • Safe operation and power saving.
  • Can be placed on study ground at work
  • Work capacity 300 kg/h
  • Saw 20 pcs