VIT 510A - Lab Saw Cotton Gin

Saw Gin Portable is used for separating seed cotton. After ginning, cotton fiber with trash, leaf, dust, etc is collected, and cottonseed with a little clean lint is collected in another container.
This lab type saw gin is portable and can be conveniently used for trial ginning and as the pre-process of cotton trash analyzer at cotton collecting point and plant, laboratory only. It is just for lab use, not able to run for a long time as a production equipment.

JB-T 7884.1

220 V 50 Hz 0.28 kW

22 kg

270 x 220 x 310 mm (L x W x H)

The Preparation Before Operation

Check the drive belt is appropriate or not, whether the position stable or not. Check the brush roller whether the normal operation.

Check the saw roller is normal or not, should not collision ribs. Remove the obstruction in the rib top and bottom and the top hole. The cottonseed board should be kept flat, and adjusted flexibly.

Do the idling test of machine, pull open the box before idling test, check the machine whether spare parts and other materials or not. If the machine runs normally about 5 minutes and no special sound, then the working box can be pulled.

Running Test

Check the cotton roll box. Firstly, close the working box, place each half of seed cotton and cottonseed mixed into the cotton box (more than half of the box). Then open the box slowly, start the electronic motor, push the working box slowly after the machine operating normally, make the saw blade extends into the box. Once the cotton ring begins to feed normally, the machine begins to work normally.

Ginning Operation

Feeding should be uniform, the feeding bucket should always maintain sufficient quantity cottonseed.

When the ginning is beginning, we should adjust the feeding amount according to the seed cotton tightness, if the lap too loose, the feed can be increased, decreased if too tight. For the cotton with too much water, the impurities are not easily separated, which may be lead to cotton rope easily, so the feeding amount should be appropriate to reduce.

Pay attention to whether there is a blocking rib lower lint, If there is blocking, open the box immediately, and check whether the plug lint tract. Check cottonseed regularly and maintain normal burr rate by adjusting the cotton seed board.

When finding the smell, stop immediately to prevent the fire.

  • High efficiency cleaning unit and feeding roller, running is stable and reliable.
  • Totally closed shield ensures safe operation
  • Lightest and smallest model available.
  • Saw 8 pcs