VIT 400C - Single Fiber Strength Tester

Single Fiber Strength Tester, suiting to test the tension strength and elongation of chemical fiber, cotton, wool, ramie, silk, glass fiber, fine metallic thread, etc.


  • Including touch panel, computer operating software (All in English)
  • Real-time display testing result and settings
  • Force unit: N, Kgf, lb, in, cN
  • High accuracy and fast response;
  • Easy to load and unload specimen;

GB/T9997, GB/T14337, ISO5079, ISO11566

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

75 Kg

400 x 320 x 550 mm (L x W x H)

  • The maximum load test 1000cN
  • Load measuring accuracy 0.02%(F.S)
  • Resolution 0.01 Cn
  • Max Elongation range ≤200 mm
  • Elongation measuring accuracy 0.01mm
  • zero drift ≤0.2% (F.S)
  • The falling speed of lower clamping device 2 ~ 200 mm/min (adjustable)
  • The accuracy of falling speed ≤1%
  • The rising speed of lower clamping device 100mm/min