VIT 420 - Portable Single Yarn Strength Tester

Single Yarn Strength Tester Portable. Used to test the breaking strength of yarn on the scene or in the lab or in the factory by its portable design. The instrument is controlled by micro computer. It can process the data automatically and send them to the printer. It is necessary & essential to estimate the technical index of the yarn.

GB/T 3916

220 V 50 Hz

8 Kg

800 x 300 x 230mm (L x W x H)

The Significance of Testing Yarn Strength

Yarn strength, also known as yarn fastness, is a reflection of yarn quality. Because the yarn has to undergo certain tension and load in the process of production, the yarn must have a certain strength to ensure the normal operation of the knitting process. The yarn strength can be measured by single yarn strength tester, and the index of yarn strength can be divided into two categories: absolute strength and relative strength. Absolute strength refers to the strength the yarn needs that when it is stretched directly to break by an external force, also known as breaking strength, expressed in CN/tex.

What is the Single Yarn Strength Tester Portable?

The portable electronic single yarn strength instrument is mainly used to test the breaking strength of yarn in the laboratory or field, and it is the necessary instrument to evaluate the technical index of yarn. The single yarn strength tester portable can be used to detect yarn breaking strength in the field or small laboratory, besides, it can be used to judge the yarn joint strength quickly and to test whether yarn strength is uniform or not. This machine is controlled by a microcomputer with processing the data automatically and sends them to a printer. The setup procedure is convenient, the test is correct, fast and convenient.

Test Procedure

1 Place the machine stability in the horizontal position and turn power on; set the test parameter of number, textile, and interval print number and so on. The power of printer can be turned if need to print the data.

2 Put the ring bobbin onto the axis. Hitch the yarn well and adjust the strength device according to the requirement.

3 The right-hand grasps the end of the yarn, and the left-hand press the “clamp/stretch” button, and then the right gripper will begin to rotate, relax the yarn gradually by the right hand until the yarn is broken, and then take out the sample in the right gripper.

4 Repeat the step from 2~3 until finish the total test, the machine will display the last data and print this group of the parameter.

  • Form of date-out display & print with LED
  • Max measure range 0 ~ 3000cN
  • Measure precision ≤±1%
  • Gauge Length 500mm
  • Testing times of single group ≤100 times
  • Range of linear density 1~599.9tex
  • Testing times of per group 2 ~ 200 times
  • Space times of group average 2 ~ 20 times