VIT 510C - Roller Gin Lab-type

Roller Gin Lab-type, used for cotton research labs, or low production of small and medium sized cotton factories to separate cotton fiber from seed cotton.

220 V 50 Hz 370W

80 kg

450 x 450 x 750 mm (L x W x H)

The Principle of Roller Gin

The cotton fibers are pulled straight by the leather roller when they pass through a set of fixed blades, at this moment the traction force of the roller on the fiber is less than the adhesion of the fiber on the cotton seed. Then a group of moving blades was used to impact the cottonseed, and the impact force was greater than the adhesion of the cotton fiber on the cotton seed, so the cotton seed was separated from the fiber.

The Difference Between the Roller Gin and the Saw Gin

The cotton gin is divided into a roller gin and a saw gin. It is processed by a roller gin lab-type when the quantity of cotton is relatively, and the cotton fiber processed by the roller gin is longer and more flexible than that processed by the saw gin, but it has many impurities and does not look glossy. A large number of cotton is generally processed by saw gin in industry, and the cotton fiber processed by saw gin is shorter and less flexible than that processed by roller gin, but it has less impurity and looks shiny.

The Development of the Cotton Gin

Since the birth of cotton gin, it has brought rapid development to the human society. At the same time, in order to adapt to faster and higher production demands, our company is committed to the development, management, and production of cotton ginning machine, with more scientific design concepts, more advanced management methods, more favorable cotton gin price, etc, to provide you with a better experience. As an excellent cotton ginning machine suppliers, we will serve wholeheartedly with the cotton gin for sale!

  • Roller size Dia.120mm, length 205mm
  • Roller rotation speed 88 rpm
  • Crankshaft rotation speed 800 rpm
  • Cotton yield >/= Raw cotton yield (According to cotton grade)
  • Rotation speed 1400 rpm
  • Pressure of roller 4-7 kgf