VIT 100 - Fibre Cutter

Fiber Cutter, used to cut the fiber at certain lengths for testing linear density.

GB/T14335, GB/T14336, GB/T6100

5 Kg

270 x 270 x 300 mm (L x W x H)

Test Principle

According to the definition of cotton fiber density, we cut a bunch fibers of fixed length, calculate the number of fibers, and then calculate the average value of cotton fiber linear density.

Test Instrument

Fiber Cutter, fiber fineness & content analysis system, and electronic balance.

Sample Preparation

Prepare the cotton sliver according to GB/T 6097 and take out a certain amount of cotton fiber as the test sample. The sample weight is generally 8 mg – 10mg depending on the length and thickness of the fibers, so as to keep the number of middle segment roots between 1500-2000.

Test Procedure

1 Moisturizing the sample according to the requirements of the test, and then tested at a temperature of (20±2)℃ and a relative humidity of (65±3)%.

2 First, arrange the cotton bundles by hand to make the fibers more straight, then hold the neat ends of the cotton bundles, clamp one end of the fibers with a clip, and put them on the limiter pile plate so that the fibers are parallel.

3 Pick up the prepared cotton bundle from the limiter pile plate, and clamp the cotton bundle by another clip at the neat end 5mm-6mm, combing the cotton bundle.

4 Lift the splint of the fiber cutter, separate the upper and lower splints, then arrange the combed cotton bundles in the middle of the upper and lower splints and perpendicular to the cutter. The cotton bundles of fine velvet cotton with neat ends showing 5mm outside of the splint, and the cotton bundles of the long-staple cotton with neat ends showing 7mm outside of the splint. Place the cotton bundles parallel to the lower plywood and then closed to cut off all the fibers.

5 Weighing the sample with an electronic balance, accurate to 0.01mg. Then use fiber fineness analyzer to analyze the fiber, for more information, please refer to TB300.

  • Knife-edge width 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 40mm.
  • Knife-edge length 45mm.