VIT 410 - Computerized Lea Strength Tester

Lea Strength Tester, to determine the strength and elongation of skein yarn.
The lea strength of yarn is one of the major properties on which the suitability of yarn for its ultimate end use depends. The test for determination of lea strength consists of making a lea from the yarn with the help of a wrap reel and testing it on the lea strength tester, which registers the maximum load at which the lea starts unraveling.

ISO6939, GB/T8698

220 V 50 Hz 600 W

100 Kg

680 x 580 x 1640 mm (L x W x H)

What is the Testing Significance of Lea Strength Tester?

The tensile property index of yarn is one of the main bases for evaluating yarn grade. It is of great significance for yarn production, weaving process, and production efficiency. The index of yarn tensile property mainly refers to yarn strength and yarn elongation at break.

Yarn strength, also known as yarn fastness, is a reflection of yarn quality. Because the yarn has to undergo certain tension and load in the process of production, the yarn must have a certain strength to ensure the normal operation of the knitting process.

The yarn is subjected to tension, stretching until it is broken, the percentage of the elongation length to the original length is called elongation at break of the yarn. Yarn with good elongation can buffer the effect of external force and reduce the break rate in the production process.

Test Principle

The upper and lower grippers of the lea strength tester are used to clamp the two ends of the specimen and stretch the sample at a constant rate until the specimen was broken. Because the gripper and the force sensor are closely combined, the force on the gripper is converted into the corresponding digital signal and processed by the force sensor. The instrument can record the technical indexes such as breaking strength and elongation at break. After the test, the statistical value of the technical index will be given by the data processing system.

The Feature of the Lea Strength Tester

1 Touch screen control, easy operation and high test efficiency.

2 Single column bracket structure, high-precision sensor, more practical.

3 Built-in printer, can generate, print test results, make the test results more intuitive.

  • Driven system Computer + Lea Strength Test Software + motor + ball screws + Load cell + accurate yarn holder
  • Range 0 ~ 2500 N
  • Accuracy ≤ 0.2%F·S
  • Min reading 0.1N
  • Traverse speed 10 ~ 600 mm/min, error 2%
  • Max travel 120 mm
  • Clamps distance 50 ~ 500 mm
  • Width of yarn holder 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32