VIT 390 - Colour Card Winder

Color Card Winder is specially designed to wind cards for Textile Industry. The machine is used for making color cards, which will be fed into the photo spectrometer of the computer color matching systems, or for the purpose such as Sample cards, whiteness test, ultraviolet ray resist test, sample standardization, color comparison, color chart etc.
The electronic counter is equipped with pre-setting.
The machine should be adjusted to the size of the card of customers required before shipping.

ASTM 2255, GB 9996

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

70 Kg

650 x 670 x 320 mm (L x W x H)

The Significance of Color Card Winder

During weaving, yarns are subjected to many complicated mechanical actions. For example, when woven in circles, they are subjected to tension, bending, and torsion. At the same time, the yarn will be subjected to different forms of friction when winding through the guide parts and its coils. Therefore, the quality of yarn has a great impact on the yield and quality of blasted cloth. Winder is a special equipment in the textile industry. As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding has strict requirements for yarn quality, so it is very important to use Color Card Winder to detect yarn quality.

Test Specification

Determination of appearance quality of yarns made of cotton or man-made fibers, or their blends by winding on the black board. The test method is also applicable to the evaluation the appearance quality of carding yarn, combed cotton yarn, air spinning yarn, etc. This test method is not suitable for evaluating the appearance quality of woolen yarn.

Nominal Definition

Yarn Appearance: Observe the yarn samples wound on the blackboard according to the prescribed requirements by visual method, which to obtain a visual effects.

Slub: The projected width (hereafter referred to as diameter) of the yarn segment is thicker than the normal yarn diameter, the coarse degree of which can be recognized by the inspector.

Thin Place: The segment diameter of yarn is smaller than normal, the fineness degree of which can be identified by the inspectors.

Shadow: Many yarns with thin diameter arranged together to form dark lumps on the surface.

Serious Defects: The slub with the diameter is 1-2 times thicker than the original yarn, and the length is more than 5cm. The thin place with the diameter is 0.5 times smaller than the original yarn, and the length is more than 10cm. The defect with the diameter is 2 times more than the original yarn, and the length of the defect is long than 1.5cm.

Systematic Unevenness: The thickness of yarn evenness is uneven and form a law, which accounts for more than half of the whole plate surface and even its shadow depth is deeper than the shadow of the standard sample.

Nep: An unbroken particles formed by the winding of one or more fibers.

Grade Evaluation

When evaluating the grade, the yarn evenness and nep and impurity degree on the blackboard are compared with the standard sample, which is the main basis for evaluating the grade.

1 Shading and slub on the blackboard can not counteract each other, take the lowest as a rating.

2 The nep and impurity can not counteract with the evenness, take the lowest as a rating.

3 To lower one grade when the slub is thicker than the sample; to lower one grade when the slub number is more than the sample; to lower one grade when the slub is obviously thicker than the sample even though the slub number is less than the sample.

4 To lower one grade when the shadow is generally deeper than the sample; when the shadow is as deep as the sample, but the total area is larger than the sample, to lower one grade; though the shadow area is large, but the depth is shallower than the sample, do not lower the grade.

5 Serious defects and general systematic unevenness rating as second grade, serious systematic unevenness rating as third grade.

  • Winding speed 30 ~ 450r / min (adjustable)
  • Winding width (each yarn) 16 mm (customizable)
  • No. of yarns 10 (20 is offered on request)
  • Winding carton size 250 x 32 (specified in order, customizable)
  • Count of cycles Pre-settable