VIT 400C - Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester

Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester, to determine the breaking strength and elongation rate of single yarn made of cotton, wool and others up to 6000cN, with air-driven clamps. Fully automatically test up to 20 cops at the same time.


  • Working pattern is CRE principle, controlled by software running in computer
  • Automatic feeding of yarn, and automatic clamping for test, fast and without damages to yarn
  •  Fitted with Waste yarn collecting device, to make labs clean
  • Test up to 20 cops at the same time
  • Software is offered thus the machine can be controlled by a computer. The built-in printer or an additional printer can print test reports.

ASTM D2256, ISO2062, GB/T398, GB5324, GB/T14344, BS, JIS, AS, CAN/CGSB

Power / Air
220V 50 Hz 0.4 ~ 0.8mPa

140 Kg

550 x 450 x 1600 mm (L x W x H)

Single Yarn Strength Instrument Definition

Fully automatic single yarn strength meter is a high-tech product which integrates the technical characteristics of automatic single yarn strength tester. In addition to the test in the process of the operations done automatically, can obviously increase the work efficiency, to guarantee the machine reliability, improve work stable performance, a number of special effective measures are taken, fully meets the requirement of efficient, accurate, stable and reliable.

Test Specification

The instrument is suitable for all yarns except glass yarn, elastic yarn, aramid yarn, ceramic yarn, carbon fiber, and polyvinyl flat yarn. It can be used to test yarns taken from packages, and by agreement, it can be used to test the remove yarns from fabrics.

The Following Definitions are Used in the Test

Breaking Force: In the tensile test of a yarn, the specimen bears the greatest force when it is stretched to fracture.

Elongation at Break: The increment of specimen length from fracture strength, which is expressed as the percentage of sample length.

Breaking Tenacity: The ratio of yarn breaking strength to its linear density.

Package: The yarn suitable for use, transportation, storage, and other forms.

Instrument Calibration

This function should be performed regularly or when the instrument force value is biased. Steps are as follows:

1 The instrument needs 30min for a warm-up after turning on and make the amplifier temperature to reach the normal operating temperature.

2 Select “Force Calibration” to enter the calibration interface.

3 Move the cursor to “0” and press “confirm” to read the base.

4 Hang 1000cN weight, move the cursor to “Full” and press “confirm”, and there is “1000+base” in parentheses.

5 Move the cursor to “Calibration” and press “confirm”, the right side of “calibration” is “1000”. Please repeat the steps as above when there is a difference.

Test Step

1 Turn on the power, check wheter air pressure is in the range 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa or not.

2 Turn on the power of the Printer, and clamp the yarn.

3 Enter the operating interface of the instrument and set the parameters according to the test requirements, such as Test Time, Yarn Num, Bobbins, Elongate, Speed and so on.

4 Click “F2” to start and stop running after the test is finished.

5 If the midway shutdown or power failure, the next time the boot can directly click “F1” to enter “Test” interface, and then click “F2” fixed speed test show the positioning of the yarn. Click “F4” continue to enter the steady-state test, and then click “F2” to continue the last shutdown or power off test.

  • Test range 20cN ~ 6000cN
  • Accuracy ≤ 1% F. S
  • Sampling range 0 ~ 9m
  • Pre-tension load 0 ~ 100cN, adjustable
  • Elongation range 800mm
  • Gauge length 250mm (stretching rate 220%),
    500mm (stretching rate 160%)
  • Tensile speed 50 ~ 5000mm/min, adjustable